• I’m a UK-based journalist and editor who has been published in magazines, national and local newspapers, websites, blogs and more. Take a look at my portfolio to see what’s what.

    I’m currently a senior journalist and editor at Environment Journal, Air Quality News and New Start, reporting on everything from the affordable housing crisis to plastic pollution and Clean Air Zones. Before this role, I was a staff writer for Word magazine in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

    I enjoy writing stories that get under the skin of people and places.

Recent Stories

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July 2019- Feature  – Modular homes in back gardens could be the housing revolution Bristol needs
July 2019- Feature  – Modular housing could ease London’s temporary homeless crisis
May 2019 – Feature  – Happiness training is breaking down barriers for social housing tenants
April 2019- Feature – Who will benefit from Birmingham’s Commonwealth regeneration games?
March 2019- Feature- Helping the homeless help themselves in Leeds
March 2019- Feature- Could an ‘Amazon Tax’ on business rates save the high street?
February 2019- Feature- Communities left high and dry by swimming pool closures
January 2019- Feature – Are councils gambling their future buying shopping centres?
December 2018- Feature – Castle Vale’s community revolution
November 2018- Interview- Farhad Ahmed, Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association
October 2018- Interview- Tony Armstrong, chief executive, Locality
October 2018- Interview- Should we be working a 4 day week?
September 2018- Feature – Giving hope to Manchester’s growing homeless population
September 2018- Feature – How Blackburn is bucking the trend of declining town centres
July 2018- Feature – Why London’s busiest food bank is getting busier
May 2018- Feature – How Granby 4 Streets CLT put Granby back on the map
May 2018- Interview – Paul Martin, CEO, LGBT Foundation
May 2018- Feature – Community in Edinburgh fight back against more student flats
May 2018- Feature – Buying a share of Headingley
May 2018- Feature – Can community currencies tackle inequality?
April 2018- Interview – Leeds’ York Road library and the struggles of Victorian regeneration
April 2018- Feature – Stadium-led regeneration in Tottenham, catalyst or curse?
March 2018- Feature – Augmented reality presents a new vision for Wealdstone
March 2018- Feature – Holloway Prison, a test case for London regeneration

November 2017 –Feature – The Abandoned Sinking School
November 2017 –Feature – A View From a Bridge: Saigon After Dark
November 2017 – Feature – Child drowning in Vietnam
October 2017 – Feature – The Rise of Diabetes in Vietnam
October 2017 – Feature – The English Premier League in Vietnam
October 2017 – Bar Review – Tropicana
October 2017 –Feature – The Street Food Street Experiment
October 2017 – Interview – The Guinness World Record Breaking, Giang Brothers
September 2017 – Interview – Hoang Le Giang, the Arctic explorer
September 2017 – Feature – The Analogue Experience
September 2017 – Interview – Nguyen Huu Tien, the Record Collector
September 2017 – Bar Review – Khoai
September 2017 – Feature – The Wax Museum
August 2017 –Feature – Abandoned Hong Kong
August 2017 – Bar Review – Jaspas
August 2017 – Feature – Immigration in Vietnam
August 2017- Feature – The Bitcoin Cafe
August 2017 – Feature -The Rise of eSports in Vietnam
August 2017-Interview– Tran Anh Tru, Replica Art and Saigon’s Master Copycat
July 2017 – Feature – The Hanoi to Saigon ‘Brain Drain’.
July 2017 – Feature– First Aid App for Vietnamese Speakers
July 2017 –Interview– Pietro Porro, from Italy to Vietnam via Vespa
July 2017 –Interview– My Kim, an evening with The Fire Eater
July 2017 –Feature– Fashioning the Past: Recreating the colourful clothing of the Nguyen Dynasty.
June 2017 –Feature– Life’s a Bubble: the rise of bubble tea in Vietnam.
May 2017 – Bar Review – BMV
May 2017 – Feature-Language Apps for Learning Vietnamese
May 2017 –Interview- Ms Lieu, Mama Squirrel
May 2017 –Feature– Musical Tastes in Vietnam from 1997-2017, from Lam Truong to Son Tung MT-P
March 2017 – Bar Stool – East West Brewing Co.
February 2017 –Feature– The Abandoned Water Park
February 2017 –Interview- Arnaud Foucard, professional photographer
February 2017 –Bar Review– The Majestic
February 2017 –Feature-The Last Train Driver
January 2017 –Bar Review– Envy
January 2017 –Restaurant Review– JJs Fish and Chips
January 2017 –Feature– Professional wrestling in Vietnam
December 2016 –Interview– Many Faces of Vietnam – Gonzalo Marronkle
December 2016 – Bar Review – The Gin House
December 2016 –Feature– Michael Herr obituary

August 2019 – Rethinking Poverty– How meanwhile use is opening doors in declining high streets
January 2019 – Rethinking Poverty– How a derelict swimming pool became one of Birmingham’s treasured community hubs
November 23 2018 – Planning News – Building a new future for Leeds’ homeless
November 23 2018 – Planning News – How data could democratise the broken housing market
August 20 2018 – CityMetric – Meet the Sheffield social enterprise using shipping containers to tackle the housing crisis
May 17 2018 – CityMetric – Is your local indie bookshop really independent?
April 16 2018 – The Short Pass – In Defence of Neil Warnock
April 2 2018- The Short Pass A night with the Arsenal supporters of Vietnam
April 20 2017 – Yahoo Sport – Rory McLeod: Who is Judd Trump’s controversial conqueror who won’t shake the referee’s hand?
March 19 2017 – The Yorkshire Post – Bygones: When Mansell was tempted out of retirement to claim the F1 crown
March 17 2017 – The Yorkshire Post– Five Minute Wonder – Remembering Ronnie O Sullivan’s 147 Crucible Masterclass
March 13 2017 – Yorkshire Evening Post – Remembering Leeds United legend Albert Johanneson
October 17 2016 – The Guardian – Football in Hanoi, where Premier League clubs trump the Vietnamese champions
October 4 2016 – The Gryphon – In search of the Quiet American in Ho Chi Minh City
April 19 2016 – State of the Arts – Feature: The World Championship Snooker @ The Crucible
February 7 2016 – State of the Arts -Alex G @ The Harley, Sheffield


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Vietnam – 2016-2018

All photos shot on 35mm film.


All photos shot on 35mm film.